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Located four miles south of Pismo and 92 miles north of Santa Barbara, people come for the Dunes and stay for the Beach Boardwalk and a weekend at the West End. Most Grover Beach sites are within walking distance to the train.

Grover Beach Adventures

The Dunes & Beach

The Oceano Dunes are known worldwide.
Learn more about why we love the Dunes.
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A day at the Dunes

Take the train into Grover Beach for a day at the Dunes. Enjoy a beachside picnic, jog the coast, or even ride a horse. Check out our custom itinerary for those looking to explore Grover Beach’s amazing landscapes.
The Dunes
visit grover beach chris burkard all rig
Oceano Dunes, photo by Chris Burkard

Pick your adventure

Let us help you plan the perfect Grover Beach adventure! Or just take a stroll along the Beach Boardwalk and visit the Monarch Butterfly Grove.

Have a suggestion for an iconic Grover Beach itinerary? Share it with us at


Grover Beach Map

Visit the City of Grover Beach site for a Map of Attractions in Grover Beach

Grover Beach Summer Concert Series

Located at Ramona Park in Grover  on Sunday afternoons from 3 to 6 PM.


Starting June 2 through August 18. This event is free to the public with a wide variety of bands.

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Summer Concert Series

Pismo Beach Golf Course 

Located at the West End of Grover Beach, the Pismo Beach Golf Course is a coastal option for those looking to putt a few golfballs.


Monarch Butterfly Grove

Located less than a mile from the Train Station, the Monarch Butterfly Grove draws crowds to witness the beautiful migration and thousands of Monarch butterflies in their grove of Eucalyptus trees.

visit grover beach california monarch butterfly grove pismo beach.jpg
Monarch Butterfly Grove
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Exploration Discovery Center

The Exploration Discovery Center is located on the West End of Grover Beach and is a wonderful place to expand growing minds with cultural, historical and scientific hands-on experiences.

Exploration Discovery Center

The Locked Inn

Test your mental powers at The Locked Inn. Each room is a unique theme and offers challenges for all skills and ages.

visit grover beach california the locked inn.jpg
Escape Room
Grover Beach IG (1).jpg

Coworking Space Now Open

Located on the West End of Grover Beach, a coworking space to meet all your remote work needs. They welcome visitors and locals!

Coworking Space
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